Fantasma OWL Car LED On-Wheel Imaging System WL1502R & WL-1702R

Q: How can I find out if the Fantasma OWL Car LED system will fit my car wheels?

A: Fantasma OWL Car system can be used only with the disk brake system, (Drum brake systems will not fit). Fantasma OWL can not be mounted on stamped wheels, solid wheels or wheels with multi-spoke construction. Also, the wheel central aperture should have a diameter between 50~76mm for the 3-arm fixer installation. For more installation details, please watch our Fantasma OWL installation video and review the Fantasma OWL Car User Manual.

Q: What is the minimum speed needed for images to appear?

A: Fantasma OWL LED images will show up clearly while driving 30 km/h (18.5 miles/h) or above.

Q: Does the Fantasma OWL come with pre-stored images or will I need to create the images myself?

A: All Fantasma OWL Devices come with pre-stored images for Mount N’ Play Fun. You may also install the OWL Designer Software (included in the package) to your PC and follow the instructions in the Fantasma OWL Car User Manual to create your own images.

Q: How long can the batteries last on the Fantasma OWL Car Device?

A: Each Fantasma OWL Car Device is powered by four AA batteries, which can continuously support the device for up to 8 hours. The LED light will shut off automatically in order to save power.

Fantasma OWL Bicycle LED On-Wheel Imaging System BK-2082, BK-2482 & BK-7082:

Q: How can I know if the Fantasma OWL bicycle LED system can fit my bicycle wheels?

A: Each of our three models of Fantasma OWL Bike devices can fit most spoke wheels. Please see more details on product sizes and fitment on our product page.

Q: How fast should I ride my bicycle for the LED images to appear?

A: OWL LED images will show up clearly while riding at 15 km/h (9.5 miles/h) or above.

Q: Why are my OWL LED images a mixing together?

A: In order to get the most accurate and clear LED images, all devices on the same wheel need to be synchronized before you begin riding. Please refer to our Fantasma OWL Bicycle installation video.

Q: I am trying to create my own images and when I connect my OWL device to my PC, my PC can’t read the device.

A: The device will automatically shut off 50 seconds after plugging it into the USB port. Please don’t connect the OWL device to your PC before you finish editing images and are ready to upload onto the device.

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