Product Description

Fantasma Owl BK-2482 is a revolutionary Patented LED wheel lighting system that designed to fit a standard 24” steel-spoke bicycle wheel.

*This package includes:

1. Two LED lighting Devices (to be installed on one bicycle wheel)

2. Mounting kits

3. Image designer CD-ROM

4. User Manual

5. Adjustable Magnet holder

6. One Mini USB Cable


Programmable LED Image Devices : Each OWL Device has pre-stored LED images. Moreover, the OWL Designer Software Disc (included) can be installed onto any PC to customize image files and upload up to 100 different images onto the OWL LED Device.

Full-Color LED Images

Two-side display: Patented design on “V-reflector”, which displays images on both sides of the wheel.

Easy Sync process: Each BK-2482 package contains two OWL LED Devices, both intended to be installed on one bicycle wheel. The Built-in Sync System will sync the two units automatically to assure that the LED images remain upright and clear.

Long Battery Life: Each OWL LED Device is powered by 4 AAA Alkaline batteries and can last for 12 hours continuously. The device will shut off automatically during daytime to save power.

Easy Installation: All OWL Bicycle Devices are designed to be installed on different sizes/types of steel-spoke wheels using adjustable mounting mechanism in minutes.

Water-resistance: All OWL LED Devices are water-resistant to perform in different weather conditions.



User Manual:




Wheel Size


Total Length

229mm (9 inches)

Power Source

4 x AAA Batteries

Weight (1pc) w/o Batteries

100 grams (3.5 oz)

Weight (1pc) w/Batteries

145 grams (5.1 oz)

Approx. Run Time (Continuous)

12 hours

Housing Material

Poly Carbonate

Fastening System

Axle-Rest, Spoke-Clasp

Water/Dust Resistance Rating