Product Description

Fantasma Owl BK-2071 is a revolutionary Patented LED wheel lighting system that designed to fit a standard 20" steel-spoke bicycle wheel.

*This package includes:

1. One LED lighting Device

2. Mounting kit

3. User Manual



-Preprogrammed LED Image Device: The OWL Device has pre-loaded LED images. These images will make you stand out at night safely, while looking cool at the same time.

-Full-Color LED Images

-Two-side display: Patented design on "V-reflector", which displays images on both sides of the wheel.

-Long Battery Life: Each OWL LED Device is powered by 3 AAA Alkaline batteries and can last for 12 hours continuously. The device will shut off automatically during daytime to save power.

-Easy Installation: All OWL Bicycle Devices are designed to be installed on different sizes/types of steel-spoke wheels using adjustable mounting mechanism in minutes.

-Water-resistance: All OWL LED Devices are water-resistant to perform in different weather conditions.



User Manual:




Wheel Size


Total Length

152mm (6 inches)

Power Source

3 x AAA Batteries

Weight (1pc) w/o Batteries

60 grams (2.1 oz)

Weight (1pc) w/Batteries

95 grams (3.4 oz)

Approx. Run Time (Continuous)

12 hours

Housing Material

Poly Carbonate

Fastening System

Rim-Rest, Spoke-Clasp

Water/Dust Resistance Rating