Alloy wheel central aperture

3-arm fixer

It is mounted inside the alloy wheel central aperture. Mark points to the Fantasma OWL’s sensor placement.

P2 P1

Taper washer / OD:88 мм / T:6 мм


Spacers, 3 pcs. / OD:54 мм / T:6 мм


Double safety cord


Front mounting base

Arrow on the Front mounting base points on the sensor placement.

Sensor with extender



To be placed on the brake caliper.


RF remote control

Fantasma OWL unit

For alloy wheels : 15"±1″

Mounting screws

М5 35 мм

Also there is a Cap

Stainless steel
Security Screws

Big wrench

T-25 Torx head with hole, 1/4″ Hex

Screw for wheel cap

М5x12 мм

If you use your Fantasma OWL frequently you may not detach it. Anyway Fantasma OWL can be easily detached and replaced with the Cap.

Small wrench

2 мм Hex


Attention! Be safe!

Please note that Fantasma OWL is not designed to be used on the public thoroughfare. Operation device may draw drivers or pedestrians attention away from road situation control which may increase road accident risk.

  1. Fantasma OWL is recommended to be used for display and exhibition purposes with applying additional safety precautions.
  2. When using Fantasma OWL please always use Double safety cord which is included to the set.
  3. Please be careful when parking your car to avoid Fantasma OWL damage by curbing.

We are not responsible for any damages of the customer’s vehicle or any other vehicles as well as pedestrians injury which may expressly or by implication be associated with Fantasma OWL usage.

User Manual

Will Fantasma OWL fit my alloy wheels?

Before purchasing Fantasma OWL please make sure this unique product can be mounted on your wheels safely.

1. Disk brakes.

Fantasma OWL can be used only with the disk brake system. (Drum brakes system will not fit)

2. Alloy wheels

Fantasma OWL can not be mounted on stamped wheels, solid wheels or wheels with multiple spokes construction.

3. 50-76 mm.

Wheel central aperture should have diameter in range 50-76 mm for install the 3-arm fixer.

4. Wheel central aperture lip.

Fantasma OWL will need to use the lip (welt) of the central aperture of the alloy wheel. (Such lip is usually used for retaining wheel center cap)

5. Wheel hub.

Please make sure that there is at least 15 mm from the end of the central part of the hub till the wheel central aperture lip.

To avoid any misunderstandings and find answers for all questions please download and read carefully the user manual.
Should you have any question after that please Contact Us.


Emulation of Fantasma OWL operation when car is moving

The basic principle is based on human eye's Persistence of Vision (POV), people will be able to see the retention or afterimage.
The faster the wheel spins the better image quality be seeing.
Synchronization system through magnetic sensor is used to make the image display stable at the right position regardless of the wheel spinning speed.

(10 km/h ≈ 6 mph; 30 km/h ≈ 20 mph; 60 km/h ≈ 40 mph)

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